Review: "A must-see for anyone who wants to learn about stem cell biology"

The NodeOn the Node, a community site for developmental biologists, Claire Cox just wrote this review of STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS:

"My first thought after watching Stem Cell Revolutions was: wow, is education supposed to be this entertaining? Although I have been working in the stem cell field for a few years now, I learnt a lot from watching this film..."

The review concludes:

"Stem Cell Revolutions gives us the current status of stem cell research in a captivating yet easy to digest manner and leads us into what is possible in the future! It is a must see for anyone who wants to learn about stem cell biology. It is amazing to think that many discoveries that lie in wait may be uncovered by a very simple question as posed by Margaret Atwood to describe the origins of both art and science: 'What if?'"

Full review here.

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Vision of the Future
- a documentary
by Amy Hardie and Clare Blackburn
Explore the realities behind the hopes and fears associated with stem cell research. Watch the documentary and help spread the word about the film.