Chapter 2: Doctors and scientists

This is a preview of Chapter 2 (15 min) of STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS (71 min). Our educational packages come with all five dedicated chapters.

Doctors and scientists have begun to use stem cells on patients, with amazing results. In India, chemical burns patients are having their sight restored with stem cell transplants. More than 650 patients have been treated at LV Prasad Hospital in Hyderabad. Patients come from all over India and the world. Surgeon Virender Sangwan first takes a sample of healthy eye tissue from the patient. The stem cells from that sample are grown in the lab and used to produce a sheet of corneal stem cells big enough to cover the damaged eye. Within six months of the operation, patients can see perfectly again.

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Chapter 2 of our film looks at the use of #stemcells on patients, featuring the @lvprasadeye Institute. Preview here:
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Vision of the Future
- a documentary
by Amy Hardie and Clare Blackburn
Explore the realities behind the hopes and fears associated with stem cell research. Watch the documentary and help spread the word about the film.