Genomics short films

These are two other films distributed by SDI Productions that might be of interested to you. They are available for free to stream online, or against a small fee as downloads. You'll save if you purchase both as downloads.


A stop-motion insight into the molecular world of DNA and the genome. The genome’s complexity goes hand in hand with the technology to understand it, what can now fit on a memory stick would once have been too much for a tower of computers. The human genome project took 13 years and $2.7bn, now a full genome sequence can now be done in 2 days, for a millionth of the cost.

How has the unravelling of genomes impacted our idea of genetic determinism, can we deal with the data and what does it realistically tell us about ourselves?


A journey across Glasgow’s life expectancy statistics, to the East End, where the city is blighted by some of the lowest life expectancies in the world. We meet local residents and experts who are trying to change the health outcomes for future generations. Could the answer lie in our genes? Could epigenetics be the root cause of excess mortality in Scotland’s biggest city? Or is the answer much simpler than that? A touching and sensitive look at the ways in which social inequalities are played out in our health and life expectancy.