Meat without slaughter +++ Parkinson's +++ Rejuvenated dog

While we don't aim to become yet another stem-cell portal, we'd still like to share some of the links and tweets we stumble across every week.

This week, there's news about the advent of "pain-free" meat produced from stem cells. Also, our friends at the University of Edinburgh are hoping to get a better understanding of Parkinson's disease. And finally, stem cells might rejuvenate your aging dog...

From The New Scientist:

New Scientist/Raimund Koch/GettyMeat without slaughter: '6 months' to bio-sausages

"Who needs whole animals when you can grow burgers and sausages from their cells alone, in the lab - and do your bit for the environment too."
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EuroStemCell/Edinburgh University

From EuroStemCell:

Dopamine-producing nerve cells grown from stem cells of a Parkinson's patient

"Scientists have for the first time generated stem cells from one of the most rapidly progressing forms of Parkinson’s disease."
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From The Montreal Gazette:

Montreal Gazette/Nick Brancaccio/The Windsor StarStem cells put bounce back in Labrador's step

"Misty, an almost 12-year-old Labrador retriever suffering from arthritis, has gone from aging hound in pain to joyful puppy after stem cell treatments at the Essex Animal Hospital."
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