Review: 'Full of amazing artistic interpretations'

Hot off the press, here's a very nice review of STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS posted by David Kent on the Stem Cell Network blog. 

"A prize-winning author sits down in an Edinburgh pub across from a world famous stem cell biologist. Together they begin to ponder mankind’s desire for eternal youth. Though it may sound like the first lines of a joke, it is the opening scene of a documentary film, supported by the UK’s Wellcome Trust. Oddly enough, this film represented a collision of my seemingly polar worlds." [...]

"Full of amazing artistic interpretations of stem cell biology and physiology as well as interviews with some of the most influential stem cell biologists in the world (e.g.: Irving Weissman, Connie Eaves, Howard Green), this film captures the enthusiasm and potential of stem cell therapies but also underscores the very early stages at which many of these therapies currently sit."

Full text here.

  • David Kent is currently completing post doctoral research on blood stem cell disorders at the University of Cambridge, UK under the supervision of Professor Tony Green. He completed his PhD in 2009 in blood stem cell biology under Professor Connie Eaves and has been a member of the Stem Cell Network since 2003.