Review: "A fascinating, unsensational and complete guide... the film raises the bar for science documentaries"

BioNews just published a review of STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS:

"[The film] is the behind-the-scenes story of each major advance in stem cell science leading to present-day scientific and clinical developments. The result is a fascinating, unsensationalised and complete guide for anyone who wants an informed appreciation of stem cell science and an understanding of what all the fuss is about."

After a summary of the chapters of the film, the reviewer concludes:

"Despite these minor criticisms, the film is clear and interesting. It fulfils its aim 'to present the 'real science' of stem cells and take the realities behind hopes and fears associated with stem cell research to the cinema and TV audience' and raises the bar for science documentaries."

The reviewer particularly liked the role of novelist Margaret Atwood in our documentary:

"The film opens with a voiceover by the film's celebrity commentator novelist Margaret Atwood: 'Sometimes it seems stem cells are proposed as the answer to everything…What can't they do?'"

"Margaret Atwood is a highlight of the film. Her memorable insights offer a nice counterbalance to the scientific commentary. She is anything but a passive observer as she gives a feisty challenge to Professor Austin Smith, Director of the Stem Cell Institute at Cambridge University. She argues that people make morally-neutral scientific tools and moral choices about how to use them."

Full review here.

  • MacKenna Roberts is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and a Volunteer at the charity that publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET).