Review: "fascinating...provocative...elegant and deeply instructive"

Our film just got reviewed in the influential Cell Stem Cell magazine:

"In their new documentary Stem Cell Revolutions, filmmakers Amy Hardie, director/producer, and Clare Blackburn, stem cell biologist, team up to present a fascinating portrait of the history of stem cell science and a provocative peek into its future. This is an elegant and deeply instructive piece of work, with wide potential for raising awareness of the promise and possibilities of stem cell science—both in formal educational settings and among lay generalists who are curious about the this area of biological investigation."

Following a detailed description of the film's structure, Robin Anthony Elliot concludes:

"All in all, Stem Cell Revolutions is a terrific addition to our educational library on the subject of stem cell science. The production values are of high quality, and Cameron Duguid has contributed a marvelously creative and clear set of animated drawings to accompany and explain the instruction.

"One of the casualties of the political controversy that has swirled around stem cell science in many parts of the world has been the successful creation of public awareness around such core matters as what exactly constitutes the science, how it has evolved, and what may be its future potential to contribute to human health and well-being. On a practical and educational level, this film provides an authoritative and accessible means to building this awareness. And on a more philosophical level, tapping into the simple wonder that is at the core of all scientific endeavor, it provides us with a teasing piece of the answer to what Margaret Atwood posits at the end of the film as the eternal question of the serious scientist: 'What if?'"

If you have access to, you'll be able read the full review online.

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