Colon stem cell revolution +++ French Red +++ Save the rhino +++ One burger for £250,000

Another week, another breaktrough: Scientists have successfully grown human colon stem cells. In addition, French researchers said they injected red blood cells produced from stem cells into a patient for the first time.

Also, could endangered species such as the northern white rhino be saved with the help of skin samples taken in the 1970s? Plus, as a follow-up to last week's news of meat without slaughter, here's an estimate of the price tag of the first artificial burger.

From Press TV:

Press TVHuman colon stem cells identified

"This is the first time that it has been possible to grow single CoSCs in lab-plates and to derive human intestinal stem cell lines in defined conditions in a lab setting."
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From Euronews via Dailymotion:

French doctors produce quality Red

From MIT Technology Review:

San Diego Zoo/Technology ReviewStem-Cell Engineering Offers a Lifeline to Endangered Species

"In the longer term, the researchers hope to be able to use the cells to create sperm and eggs, which would be incorporated into breeding programs to boost the genetic diversity of severely limited populations; the white rhinoceros is on the verge of extinction, with only seven animals alive today."
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The Telegraph

From The Telegraph:

First artificial burger to cost £250,000

"Prof Mark Post of Maastricht University, who is leading the research, said the technique is far from ready for mass production and the cost of creating the first burger could run higher than £220,000 (EUR250,000). But once the meat is ready for consumption, production lines could be set up in plants producing large amounts much more quickly and cheaply."
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