Two short films on genomics – free to stream

The Scottish Documentary Institute would like to draw your attention to two short science documentaries made by Scottish filmmakers which can be used in secondary schools and college education.

Last year two filmmakers, Lindsay Goodall and Cameron Duguid, were granted a residency at the ESRC Genomics Forum and Network during which two 10-minute documentaries were produced, EAST END JOURNEY and SIMPLY COMPLEX.

EAST END JOURNEY takes a look at Glasgow’s life expectancy statistics. Could epigenetics be the cause of excess mortality in Scotland’s biggest city?

The animated film SIMPLY COMPLEX asks: How has the unravelling of genomes impacted our idea of genetic determinism? And what can data realistically tell us about ourselves?

You can watch both short films for free here on our website.

If you prefer downloadable files for educational use as long as you like, we can offer you these for £7.50 per film or £12.50 for both. Just order them through the video players on the page.

The films can supplement the Nowgen Schools Genomics Programme supported by the Wellcome Trust, giving students the ability to assess the real potential of genomics and future healthcare.

We hope you’ll find these films useful – and support our filmmaking talent at the same time.