Review: "A must-see for anyone who wants to learn about stem cell biology"

The NodeOn the Node, a community site for developmental biologists, Claire Cox just wrote this review of STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS:

"My first thought after watching Stem Cell Revolutions was: wow, is education supposed to be this entertaining? Although I have been working in the stem cell field for a few years now, I learnt a lot from watching this film..."

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Film now available online

From today, STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS is available online. For personal use, the film is available for rental and can be accessed up to five times within 30 days for one fee. For educational use, the film is available for purchase as a download-to-own file that won't expire. For those who prefer DVDs, these will be available soon – watch this space!

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STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS film wins at Milan Science Festival

Unlike other posts you may come across on 1 April, this is no joke: Our film has just won at the Vedere la Scienza Festival in Milan. Here's what the international jury had to say: 

"The prize is given for the relevance of the subject, the effectiveness and the elegance of the animations, which well illustrate complex concepts. The documentary recounts the evolution of the stem cells studies in a clear and precise fashion, with an interesting description of the relationship between researchers, physicians and patients. The current clinical applications and their ethical implications are openly and honestly discussed. Interesting the introduction of the point of view of a well known writer."

STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS will be released on DVD and online very soon. Make sure you've signed up to get notified. 

The winning films will be screened again on Tuesday 3 April.

Amy Hardie is blogging!

Amy on the Edge

Amy Hardie, the Scottish filmmaker who collaborated with scientist Clare Blackburn on STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS, now has her own blog called Amy on the Edge – the title a reference to her acclaimed documentary, THE EDGE OF DREAMING. She's focusing on "life, death, and the power of the unconscious". 

It would be great if you could have a look and let Amy know what you think.

Recently, Amy also wrote a post on our website on her approach to STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS.

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STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS will be available on DVD and online very soon.

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Coming up: Festivals in Ireland and New Zealand (Update: We're a Finalist!)


One day, two screenings, diametrically opposed on planet Earth: On 16 November, you'll be able to catch STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS at science festivals in Galway, Ireland as well as Dunedin, New Zealand.

UPDATE: ScienceTeller have just announced the finalists in the documentary competition, and we're one of them. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS at Dundee Science Festival

If you're in Scotland and you haven't seen our documentary yet, you'll be able to catch it at Dundee Contemporary Arts on 10 November, as part of the Dundee Science Festival. We've just updated the event details.

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Review: "A fascinating, unsensational and complete guide... the film raises the bar for science documentaries"

BioNews just published a review of STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS:

"[The film] is the behind-the-scenes story of each major advance in stem cell science leading to present-day scientific and clinical developments. The result is a fascinating, unsensationalised and complete guide for anyone who wants an informed appreciation of stem cell science and an understanding of what all the fuss is about."

After a summary of the chapters of the film, the reviewer concludes:

"Despite these minor criticisms, the film is clear and interesting. It fulfils its aim 'to present the 'real science' of stem cells and take the realities behind hopes and fears associated with stem cell research to the cinema and TV audience' and raises the bar for science documentaries."

The reviewer particularly liked the role of novelist Margaret Atwood in our documentary:

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Review: 'Full of amazing artistic interpretations'

Hot off the press, here's a very nice review of STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS posted by David Kent on the Stem Cell Network blog. 

"A prize-winning author sits down in an Edinburgh pub across from a world famous stem cell biologist. Together they begin to ponder mankind’s desire for eternal youth. Though it may sound like the first lines of a joke, it is the opening scene of a documentary film, supported by the UK’s Wellcome Trust. Oddly enough, this film represented a collision of my seemingly polar worlds." [...]

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Stem cells are much hyped – and genuinely full of potential for both medicine and biology.

I wanted to make a platform for the world class scientists who have devoted their lives to the discoveries of stem cells and what they can do.

We created a collaborative working space where the scientists could take charge of what information was seen as important, how it should be contextualised, and what they saw as the most significant breakthroughs.

The result is a film of great clarity and precision: a surprising scope from World War II to the fifth floor of an eye hospital in India.

  • Amy Hardie is a Scottish documentary director/producer with several international awards. Recent work included THE EDGE OF DREAMING, her first personal and feature film. She made STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS together with Clare Blackburn.